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PA Leads the Push to Combat AI Election Interference

From the Penn Capital Star:

"A bill from state Rep. Chris Pielli (D-Chester) that would require a disclosure on content generated by artificial intelligence was passed by the House Consumer Protection, Technology & Utilities Committee by a 21-4 margin last week.

“This really is bipartisan or should be perceived as a bipartisan issue,” Pielli told the Capital-Star. “I mean there’s nothing more sacred than keeping our elections fair and free and not being tampered with. And you know, with just three seconds of your voice recorded, current AI technology can have you doing a political speech that you’ve never done.”

Heffley said he was concerned that it would be difficult to get AI legislation passed this session, given the divided Legislature. He added that he’s willing to work with anybody on the matter. 

Pielli was a bit more optimistic. “This is a threat. This is a clear and present danger to our republic, to our democracy, our elections,” he said. “And I think both sides will be able to see this and I’m hoping that we will pull together like we always have in the past to face this threat and to protect our citizens.”

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