I am grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to run for this position. I believe my experience as an Attorney trained in this area of the law, and my public service credentials, enable me to become a Recorder of Deeds who will serve you honorably and serve you better. I am running for this position because I strongly believe that Chester County residents deserve the highest level of quality public service. Here are my promises to you:
 I will do a better job, namely, I will show up for work every day because Full Time
Taxpayers deserve a Full Time Recorder of Deeds.
 I will undertake an extensive audit and review of all resources and procedures to
ensure improvements and innovations to this office.
 I will improve and update social media and digital information to ensure excellent
public service and useful information to the public.
 I will strive to make our records and information more accessible and affordable to all
residents to include faster processing time for recording deeds.
 I will implement the highest level of fiscal responsibility while improving our services.
 I will protect our Seniors and most vulnerable citizens against Real Estate Fraud and Theft by implementing effective, proactive safeguards and protective measures.

Chris is the only candidate who is an Attorney.  Voters deserve a Recorder of Deeds who has professional legal training in this field and who will commit full time to manage and improve this office.  Past leadership in this position has shown a lack of such dedication and experience.  You deserve more than what has in the past amounted to mere political appointments.  You deserve a choice based on merit, commitment, and experience.  

Voters deserve a candidate that has successful experience governing one of the biggest Townships in this County while maintaining balanced budgets every year in office and never raising taxes.  You deserve a candidate that has experience with legislative, management, planning and land development issues.  You deserve someone ready to serve.